Mirror in Colony Harvest
Mirror in Colony Harvest
Flameworked, fused and constructed American pressed glass and mixed media

This piece was created using vintage recycled and found glass from the Lancaster Colony Corporation. Colony Glass was an offshoot of Indiana Glass Factory, a reputable American pressed glass manufacturer in existence from 1907-2002. The Colony Harvest pattern was a very popular line of opaque milk glass tableware in production from the 1950-1980's. The primary method of acquiring the Colony Harvest wares was through S&H Green Stamps, a rewards and return system based on grocery store spending. Because of its prevalence in American homes due to its availability as a reward item, the Colony Harvest pattern is a very common and overlooked item in todays second-hand market. The pattern is flooding thrift store shelves as subsequent generations are replacing it with more contemporary table-ware. I reconstruct this glass and alter its original state while keeping intact the original vintage feeling. I wish to reference the history of the pressed glass industry and bring into focus the feeling of its past glory and forlorn future. The particular richness in the Colony Harvest white is so seductive in its depth that it was an undeniable choice for second-life redemption. Originally acquired through grocery store stamp points the Colony Harvest pattern makes its futuristic reincarnation into it's true luxury calling.

Private Collection