FTD 1975 (Detail)
FTD 1975 (Detail)

This piece was created using two milk white goblets. The imprinted stamp on the bottom says FTD 1975. Much of the found glass I use comes from The Florists' Transworld Delivery Service, left on thrift store shelves after once holding an arrangement of flowers for a celebration or loss.
Flameworked and hot sculpted.

I find my glass by a variety of sources. Either I rummage through junk stores and thrift stores or people catch wind of my process and leave me old glass on my doorstep.

Private Collection
Sometimes people are throwing the glass out and are happy for me to give it a second life. It is therefore tricky for me to define whether it is "recycled" or "up-cycled", I just consider it reconstructed, and definitely happier to be looked at a second time.